If you are using Windows Version detection in your installation projects,
please be advised that SetupBuilder 8.5 returns "1" in the %WINVER% runtime
variable on Windows 10 Build 9926.

The return value of "1" is the fallback code in SetupBuilder to detect
"undefined" Windows versions. But why does the Windows 10-aware
SetupBuilder 8.5 detect Windows 10 as undefined?

Well, Microsoft decided to change the rules in the middle of the game :-(
In Windows 10 build 9841 it all works as expected. But in build 9926
Microsoft simply changed the return values.

Thank you so much for finding this, Jane.

I made the appropriate changes in the SetupBuilder 8.5 runtime to let the
installer detect the older and new Windows 10 builds. A SetupBuilder 8.5 RC
update will be available soon.


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