SetupBuilder 2015 Version 8.5 Build 4712 Release Candidate #3 is available.

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This release is the final preparation of the V8.5 production release.
Updated documentation is not available today.

SetupBuilder 2015 Version 8.5 Build 4712 RC3 (March 04, 2015)

NEW : Add preliminary built-in support for Windows 10 "Technical
Preview" and Windows Server 10 "Technical Preview" (the next
chapter). The compiler generates high-performance Windows
10-aware applications.

NEW : IDE: Add Windows 10 and Server 10 target operation system
Conditions to:

- Setup Requirements (OS Version Checking)
- Files and Folders
- Shortcuts
- INI Files
- Services
- File Extensions
- ODBC Drivers
- Run Programs

NEW : Add $WIN_10$ and $WIN_SERVER10$ to the "Common"

NEW : The built-in %WINVER% runtime variable and the underlying
Windows operating system detection mechanism support Windows 10
and Server 10 (both old and new pre-releases).

NEW : IDE: Add support for Windows 10 in the "#embed UAC manifest..."
compiler directive.

NEW : IDE: Add "Enable this application to work with OneDrive files"
option to the "Set App Compatibility Mode..." script function.

NEW : Add built-in support for SoftVelocity Clarion 10.

NEW : IDE: Add support for Windows Secure Hash Algorithm 256 (SHA-2)
to enable SHA-2 type code-signing capability.

NEW : IDE: Add CODESIGN_SHA #pragma to programmatically enable SHA-1,
SHA-2, and dual SHA-1/SHA-2 code-signing.

NEW : IDE: Add CODESIGN_TSTYPE #pragma to programmatically enable
RFC 3161 compliant (trusted) timestamping.

NEW : The Signtool code-signing process optionally supports RFC 3161
compliant (trusted) timestamp servers now.

NEW : IDE: Add an additional SHA-2 compliant Geotrust timestamp
server to the "General Information" Digital Signature section
and to the "#code sign application..." compiler directive.

NEW : IDE: Add an additional SHA-2 compliant Comodo (rfc3161)
timestamp server to the "General Information" Digital Signature
section and to the "#code sign application..." compiler

NEW : IDE: Add "No 'Make New Folder'" button to the "Select Install
Folder" dialog properties.

NEW : IDE: Add "Unregister SharedDlls File immediately" to the
"Unregister File Operation..." script function.

NEW : IDE: The 'Create Folder' Visualizer function supports target
operation system Conditions now.

NEW : Installer: Add an enhanced "Get Registry SubKey..." script
function to improve performance dramatically (and fixes an
annoying memory leak).

NEW : Recompiled wupdate.exe web update client to provide Windows 10
"Technical Preview" compatibility.

NEW : Recompiled wucheck.exe web update check client to provide
Windows 10 "Technical Preview" compatibility.

NEW : IDE: Add "Do not highlight as a newly-installed program" option
to the Shortcut properties (Windows 7 and later). This lets you
prevent a shortcut on the Start menu from being highlighted as
newly installed after end users install your product. You may
want to enable this option for shortcuts that are for tools and
secondary products that are part of your installation.

NEW : [SB#5-01281] IDE: When an optional "Release Distribution" FTP
Upload finishes then an "iconized" SetupBuilder IDE gets

NEW : Add support for .NET Framework 4.6 detection.

NEW : Add "Get Argument Parameter" option to the "Handle String
Operation..." script function. The function takes two
parameters (Source String, X) and can return a specific
argument parameter from a given command line input format
Source String. X specifies the index of the argument to
retrieve. If X is set to 0, it returns the number of arguments.

NEW : Add new built-in %_SB_CONFIGDIR% runtime variable to set the
location of the configuration directory for Clarion 10, Clarion
9.1 and Clarion 9.0.

NEW : [SB#5-02261] IDE: Increased the Value List size for a list
in the SKU Management Configuration from 1,024 bytes (1KB) to
5,120 bytes (5KB).

NEW : Add $SB_SKIPCLARIONDETECT$ flag to the "Set Installer Flag..."
script function to let the installer programmatically set the
Clarion auto-detection mode in Clarion 3rd-party installations.

NEW : Switched the "Clarion Environment Detection" dialog to a new
Radio Buttons dialog to support up to 20 radio buttons.

NEW : Add "Remove Surrounding Quotes (single and/or double)" option
to the "Set Variable(Ex)..." script functions.

NEW : Updated online help (CHM and PDF).

FIX : IDE: The "Do not Calculate Available Disk Space" checkbox
option in the "Select Install Folder" dialog properties did not
work as expected.

FIX : IDE: Under certain circumstances, a failed compile did not
remove the generated (and incomplete) executable.

FIX : IDE: Possible duplicate registry key issue in the Registry

FIX : [SB#5-03021] IDE: When you edited a .sbi script and went to do
a "Save As" into a new name, the default extension was not
.sbi - instead it was .sb8.

FIX : [SB#5-03022] Clarion 9.1 detection issue when using "Allow user
to search for Supported Clarion Version root directory" in the
"Clarion Environment Detection" dialog.


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