OK here we go:

I have a collection of dell wallpapers I backed up off a factory image of a laptop and want to make an installer to drop the "Dell" folder to %windir%\Web\Dell (in vista+) and %windir%\Web\Wallpaper\*.* in XP/2000. When i set my [INSTALLDIR] in the IDE under general properties to %windir%\Web\Wallpaper then compile the installer on thee select install folder screen (sett destination) the environment variable is not replaced. so on my Win 7 Ultimate x64 test machine I see %windir%\Web\Wallpaper instead of C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper. Am I doing something wrong in the IDE or is there something I am missing/forgetting to do with the script/visualizer interface? Normally something like %programfiles%\mycompany\myapp1.0 usually works, or it did in SB 6 and SB 7. Could my SetupBuilder skills just be getting a bit rusty?