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Thread: Comodo Certificate Order [August 25, 2015]

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    Default Comodo Certificate Order [August 25, 2015]


    Requested a new three year Comodo code-signing certificate because our "old"
    one (still valid until September 2016) did not support SHA-2. A new
    certificate always means you have to build a new "reputation" for it. I
    don't want to lose reputation again after one year so I decided to order a
    fresh 3-year one.

    Here is what I did:

    1. Made sure that the WHOIS database for was up-to-date and
    turned OFF domain registrar's privacy service.
    2. Ordered the certificate on August 24, 2015 at 4:53 PM from a Windows 7
    SP1 (x64) machine using Internet Explorer.
    3. Sent required documents immediately to Comodo.
    4. Received callback status email from the COMODO Validation Team at 11:24

    Not too bad. That was quick -- only 6 hours. I am good until August 2018
    now (1096 days). Yeah!

    To start the telephone callback process, I did this:

    1. Opened a LiveChat on Comodo's support website. Chat partner "Martin"
    started the telephone callback procedure.
    2. Received another "Callback" email. In order to review our phone number
    and initiate the callback I had to click a link. Then press a button to
    get a phone call (DON'T close the window!!).
    3. Received the phone call (computer voice) and the "lady" gave me a PIN.
    4. I had to enter that PIN in the previous window.
    5. 30 seconds later I received a "Your Code Signing Certificate is ready!"
    email and collected my new certificate.
    6. Exported the certificate to .pfx format.
    7. Turned ON domain registrar's privacy service.

    All system files for SetupBuilder 10 will be dual SHA-1/SHA-2 code-signed to
    be ready for January 1, 2016.

    Note: Microsoft will cease trusting Code Signing Certificates using SHA-1 on
    January 1, 2016. Organizations need to develop a migration plan for any
    SHA-1 code signing certificates that expire after January 1, 2016.

    Friedrich Linder
    Lindersoft | SetupBuilder |
    954.252.3910 (within US) | +1.954.252.3910 (outside US)

    --SetupBuilder "point. click. ship"
    --Helping You Build Better Installations
    --Create Windows 10 ready installations in minutes
    --Official COMODO Code Signing and SSL Certificate Partner
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