Lindersoft, a privately held widely-recognized global provider of
installation authoring and software configuration management solutions for
Windows-based applications, today introduced SetupBuilder 2016 Version 10.

Any organization planning to move its applications to the Windows 10
platform will be able to use SetupBuilder to comply with the new
requirements. Listening to our partners and customers has been fundamental
to the development of SetupBuilder. Version 10 includes new and enhanced
functionality that will further reduce the time needed by software
developers and systems administrators to create installations and distribute

Thousands of developers around the world trust Lindersoft's versatile,
easy-to-use installation tools for deploying their Windows applications.
Version 10 will make their job easier, and when customers choose our
Developer Edition they will not only have the leading edge installation
tool, but a complete solution.

Thank you for choosing SetupBuilder. We look forward to your vision becoming
a reality with SetupBuilder.

For more information, please visit:

This release is available, free of charge, to all SetupBuilder customers who
have an active SetupBuilder maintenance and support plan. If you do not have
an active plan, please contact our Sales at

SetupBuilder 2016 Version 10.0 Build 4921 (September 29, 2015)

FIX : IDE: Under certain circumstances, the compiled application
reported a '[1] Startup loader error' and terminated or GPFed.

FIX : [SB#5-09291] IDE: The "#create folder..." compiler directive
terminated the compilation process when the folder already
existed. If the folder specified already exists, the function
is skipped.

FIX : IDE: Long-term bug in the "Enable Web Update" function. Under
certain circumstances, the compiler did not initialize the
encrypted Username/Password item (improved fix).

CHANGE : IDE: SB10 Build 4920 introduced a new error handling method to
terminate the compilation process when a PreProcessor failed.
Revert to the method used in previous SB versions.

SetupBuilder 2016 Version 10.0 Build 4920 (September 28, 2015)

NEW : Enhanced built-in support for Windows 10 (Kernel version 10

NEW : Add Core PreRequisites built-in support for "Microsoft Visual
C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (x86).

NEW : Add Core PreRequisites built-in support for "Microsoft Visual
C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (x64).

NEW : Add Core PreRequisites built-in support for "Microsoft .NET
Framework 4.6" (x86, x64).

NEW : Add "Pin to Start (Win10) or Start Screen (Win8.1)" option to
the 'Shortcut Properties'. It lets you add application tiles
to the Windows 10 Start menu and pin applications to the
Windows 8.1 Start screen. Windows 10 has returned the Start
button to its original place: the lower-left part of the
screen. Aside from the familiar feel of the Start menu,
Microsoft has fused live tiles into the feature, giving it both
a classic and fresh look.

NEW : Add "Pin to Taskbar (Win7+)" option to the 'Shortcut
Properties'. It lets you pin a program directly to the taskbar
so users can open it quickly and conveniently, rather than
looking for the program in the Start menu or the Start screen.

NEW : Add "Application ID" to the 'Shortcut Properties' to set the
Application ID of a shortcut. If used, the ID must be provided
in the following form. It can have no more than 128 characters
and cannot contain spaces. Each section should be camel-cased.
CompanyName.ProductName.SubProduct.VersionInformat ion

NEW : UnInstaller: An uninstall can unpin Start/Start Screen and
Taskbar items.

New : Add "Force File Close..." script function to force to close
a network shared file. Users connected to a shared file or
folder are disconnected when you close it. Users may lose data
if you close an open shared file without warning.

NEW : IDE: Add dual SHA-1/SHA-2 code signing capability using
Microsoft Authenticode compatible time stamp and RFC 3161
compliant trusted time stamp servers.

NEW : IDE: Add CODESIGN_TSSHA1URL #pragma to set the Microsoft
Authenticode compatible time stamp for dual SHA-1/SHA-2

NEW : The "System Software Requirements" option supports .NET
Framework 4.6 detection.

NEW : IDE: Add "#build version increment..." compiler directive to
auto increment major version, minor version, build number,
and revision for a deployment product.

NEW : [SB#5-04051] IDE: Add "#edit version resource..." compiler
directive to edit the version resource of Win32 PE files.

NEW : Installer: Add 'ProductVersion' value to the Add/Remove panel
to improve Windows 10 (SDK) certification kit compatibility.

NEW : Add native 64-bit support for "Check Service..." to handle
native x64 Services on 64-bit Windows versions.

NEW : [SB#5-07151] The "Add Port to the Windows Exception list"
function can support a port range.

NEW : IDE: The "Pick" dialog can display up to 100 projects.

NEW : IDE: Start Page increases the number of recent projects from 10
to 20 items.

NEW : IDE: 'File > Recent Projects' displays up to 20 projects.

NEW : IDE: Add three additional RFC 3161 timestamp servers to
"General Information > Digital Signature" and "#code sign
application..." compiler directive.

NEW : [SB#5-04221] IDE: Add "Set Position 'bitfield'..." operation to
the "Handle String Operation..." script function.

NEW : Installer: New events in logging mode for the "Download File
(HTTP)..." script function.

NEW : Add touch screen detection. Get System Info > System Metrics
(Index ID: $SB_ISTOUCHPRESENT$) can detect Windows tablets.

NEW : IDE: Add $SB_ISTOUCHPRESENT$ to the "Common".

NEW : Add $SB_SKIPPINNING$ option to the "Set Installer Flag" script

NEW : IDE: 'Check for Help Updates' displays the new documentation
version number.

NEW : IDE: A project save process stores the version and build number
of the IDE in the project file.

NEW : Installer: If the end of a status text string in the "Progress
Dialog" does not fit in the rectangle, it is truncated and
ellipses are added. If a word that is not at the end of the
string goes beyond the limits of the rectangle, it is truncated
without ellipses. It replaces characters in the middle of a
file status text string with ellipses so that the result fits
in the specified rectangle. If the string contains backslash
(\) characters.

NEW : IDE: After installation and at first IDE startup, SetupBuilder
can automatically detect the previous Version 8 configuration
settings and offers to copy them over to SetupBuilder 10.

NEW : IDE: Add 'UpgradeGUID' item to the "Releases" feature.

FIX : [SB#5-05141] IDE: The form for the "Install Web Update Client"
using the 'Details' button did not work as expected.

FIX : [SB#5-05161] IDE: Canceling a file browse button in "#code-sign
application..." compiler directive cleared out the value in the
entry field.

FIX : IDE: Files and Folders (upper left) list: problem when a mapped
drive 'Z' existed.

FIX : Installer: Under certain circumstances the 32-bit Check Service
returned an incorrect value caused by an "Access was denied"

FIX : IDE: Cosmetic Combo Box issue (black background) on Windows 10.

FIX : Installer: Firewall Exception (Port) uninstall did not work.

FIX : IDE: Long-term bug in the "Enable Web Update" function. Under
certain circumstances, the compiler did not initialize the
encrypted Username/Password item.

FIX : Installer: The "Reboot Computer System and Resume" function
internally converts the installer name into a short file name
to avoid an application resume issue.

CHANGE : Installer: Internal modification to avoid zero length runtime
variable names.

CHANGE : IDE: SetupBuilder Project file extension changed from .sb8 to

CHANGE : IDE: 'File > Save as...' allows to save project files to .sbp.

CHANGE : IDE: Changed the 'Installer Flag' item in the "Set Installer
Flag..." script function to a Combo Box control type.

CHANGE : IDE: Changed the 'Pragma' item in the "#pragma..." compiler
directive to a Combo Box control type.

CHANGE : Removed "Pin to Taskbar..." script function.

CHANGE : Renamed "SetupBuilder Professional" to "SetupBuilder Starter"

CHANGE : All SetupBuilder system files are dual SHA-1/SHA-2 code-signed
with a new SHA-2 Comodo certificate, valid until 08/2018.

CHANGE : IDE: Modifications to the 'File > Script Structure Validation'
function to detect and fix an "Enable Web Update" issue.

CHANGE : IDE: Modifications in the PreProcessor error handling.

CHANGE : IDE: The "#code-sign application..." compiler directive can
detect an incorrect PFX file specification.

CHANGE : Updated online help (CHM and PDF).

CHANGE : Recompiled wupdate.exe Web Update client.

CHANGE : Recompiled wucheck.exe Web Update Check client.


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