I am on the latest SB 10 developer and I have defined the following file type:

  • extension: cls
  • ProgID: MicroGrad.cls.4.6
  • ProgID Description: MicroGrade Class File
  • File: %_SB_INSTALLDIR%\MicroGrade.Exe
  • Arguments: %1
  • Icon File: %_SB_INSTALLDIR%\MicroGrade.Exe with index of 1
  • Standard Canonical Verbs: Open

yet wen I try to run my installer then try to open a CLS file, I get an error
the file 'Program' cannot be used with MicroGrade
The funny thing is that wen I open a CLS file directly from MicroGrade's file open dialog it works jsut fine.

What's the missing piece of the puzzle?

now for the run programs question:

on the same installer I created 2 entries in the run programs visualizer, one for viewing the readme file after the installer exits and one for running MicroGrade wen the installer exits. I specifically stated in the properties of each of the items to run non elevated under UAC aware OSs and for the read me box as cleared in the finish dialog tab of it's property sheet.