two questions really:

1. does anyone know of a GUI tool to generate self-signed code-signing certificates? I know it's bad practice; but for internal testing purposes what would a self-signed certificate hurt?

2. Is it possible to obtain every version of SetupBuilder ever made prior to version 7.5 to see how far the product has come along? I've been using SB developer since version 7.5 and have been absolutely impressed by it since then. My history goes back even further than that with the product wen a class was commissioned to be taught by me using SB 6, but it never quite made a bang like we thought it would (read "demand was there for it, but upper management thought to axe it from our class offerings because they thought it was redundant if students could learn to program and script elsewhere") I will admit I did see some pretty creative use of SetupBuilder in the first half of that class (and we didn't even cover editing the script since all of tasks the students wanted to perform could be accomplished from the visualizer*)

*NOTE: I've since then learned a few more tricks as my demands of the script have gotten "bigger and badder" but still, SetupBuilder has yet to fail me wen I need to get something done at work.

huge huge kudos to Lindersoft! you guys make my job 100s of times easier! I mean let's be honest here SetupBuilder 10 has gotten my out of a few different jams in just this year alone! I say that SetupBuilder is like a "meta tool" it can really be anything, a file distribution tool, a utility builder, and many others, one just needs to know how to mold the script.

OK enough ranting... once again thanks for the great work!