So we are loading a list of database from a SQL server, this list has to be dynamic and it contain almost 200 databases to choose from. I can not hard code these names because they change daily.

Here is the process:

1. Install SQL file which creates a sql store procedure (SP) to return the database list.
2. Run sqlcmd.exe, running the sql file to create the SP on the local master database.
3. Run sqlcmd.exe, calling SP with search parameter. We include a switch to output the results to a INI file.
4. In SB, loop thur the file and append the names to variable.

Note: All the database have TirePower-%CompanyName% as the name. We hit the variable limit a couple of years ago and then we just stripped "TirePower" from the name and bought us some space and the drop list had all the names again. After reviewing the data closer today, I am not sure why the variable is not showing all of them, we have currently have 148 databases and putting this into text file it is only 2083 chars. Here is the code, I even tried to trim the names to see if would help.

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And as I am typing this up, I re-read your last post and realized... the "Refresh Next Dialog" is my issue!

I did not have it in there! THIS FIXED IT!

For anyone reading this post, this is why SetupBuilder is a great tool, unmatched support for the crazy stuff we try to do with it! My team here at TCS has worked with Friedrich for many years troubleshooting a lot of different things and everyone one of my team members has always enjoyed working with Friedrich and SetupBuilder. This is a crazy powerful tool! Thanks again SetupBuilder/Friedrich!