We just released version 10.0 build 5203 which is a free upgrade for all
SetupBuilder customers with an active Maintenance and Support Plan. The
update contains important bug fixes and enhancements. The easiest way to
obtain this version is to click 'Help' > 'Check for Updates' in the
SetupBuilder 10 IDE.

We strongly recommend that all customers upgrade to the new version of
SetupBuilder 10 as soon as possible to maintain the highest level of
support, performance and reliability.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to build 5203.

SetupBuilder 2016 Version 10.0 Build 5203 (July 07, 2016)

NEW : Add three new $NET_FRAMEWORK_4XX$, $NET_FRAMEWORK_45X$, and
$NET_FRAMEWORK_46X$ NET Framework Version IDs to check for
.NET Framework 4 and higher, 4.5 and higher, 4.6 and higher.

NEW : The "System Software Requirements" option supports .NET
Framework 4.XX, 4.5X and 4.6X detection.

NEW : Add "Run as administrator (Advanced Property)" option to the
Shortcut Properties (Shortcuts Visualizer and script function).

NEW : Add "Pin to Taskbar (Win7+)" option to the "Create Shortcut..."
script function.

NEW : Add ".bin File Extension" option to the Web Deployment "iDeploy
Web Installation" properties. This lets you generate cluster
files in form of "coolapp_00001.bin", "coolapp_00002.bin", etc.

NEW : IDE: Add 'DPI-aware' element option to the "#embed UAC
manifest..." compiler directive.

NEW : Compiled installation applications have the DPI-aware (per
monitor) element set.

NEW : IDE: The "Redistributable Manager" can start another instance
of the SetupBuilder IDE elevated on UAC-aware Windows operating

FIX : [SB#6-02291] IDE: Check for Documentation Updates (PDF) issue.

FIX : Regression: compiled installation applications did not start
on Windows 95 (caused by the new Windows 10 Pinning feature
which makes use of the MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx API).

FIX : [SB#6-03141] IDE: On the "#code-sign application..." window,
the file dialog button on the filename did not open the path
that was entered (it always opened C:\).

FIX : [SB#6-05111] Installer: The runtime did not resolve runtime
variables in the "Create File Association" Arguments.

FIX : IDE: The "#code-sign application..." compiler directive
required Credentials and Private Key files.

FIX : [SB#6-07071] The "Set App Compatibility Mode..." script
function did not set the Compatibility Mode for Windows 7 and
Windows 8.

CHANGE : [SB#6-04281] IDE: The 'Find reached the starting point of the
search.' search message is closeable by pressing 'ESC'.

CHANGE : IDE: The default Compatibility Information in "#embed UAC
manifest..." is set to "Windows 10".

CHANGE : [SB#6-07051] IDE: The Compiler Output window displays the
number of code-signed files in the 'Done' section.

CHANGE : Updated online help (CHM and PDF).


The full history list can be obtained through the following link:

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