I'm working on my project and I want three check boxes on a check box screen, namely:
  • Create A Shortcut on My &Desktop
  • Create A Shortcut to &KeyTool on My Desktop
  • Create A Program Group in My Start &Menu

however, I'm finding I need to modify my text to shorten it down, as by the time I enter "Create A Shortcut on My &Desktopo|Create A Shortcut to &KeyTool on My Desktop|Create A Program Grou" and try to continu entering the phrase as I'd like it to appear, I keep hearing the windows OS ding at me and the input box not accept anymore text. Is there any "hard limit" on how much text is can put in the box manually? If I modify a text resource (instead of hardcoding the text) do I run into the same limit?

I'm curious if this was intentional or if it can be lifted or modified?