I just received the update notification email and as I do with all updates I promptly downloaded all files (my licensed product, the CHMM manual, the PDF manual, the examples, and learning SetupBuilder) and created my famous "SERIAL.TXT" file for inclusion with the files. The reason I backup every single version from 7.6 to current is the "just in case...." mentality, goodness forbid I need to rollback to some earlier version because I'm unsatisfied with the latest build.

My "SERIAL.TXT" Looks like this (demonstration values from a "dummy" project used to ensure confidentiality of the actual license information)
LinderSoft SetupBuilder Developer X Build Y:
S/N: 36006-389-3735287-70079
M/P: 506561374A4939526D4B39786C6E41437679596852496C5275566853794967305663443261677973456E56374857595A6F747253326455356A62376C4F513D3D
When I paste the maintenance key (represented by "M/P:") into the file it is usually broken into two lines like the following using the example maintenance key:

 M/P: 506561374A4939526D4B39786C6E41437679596852496C5275566853794967305663443261677973456E56374857595A6F74
Even with "word wrap" turned off, this is the case and I need to manually delete the line break. Why does this matter? you might be asking yourself, the answer is simple, if I'm re-installing double-clicking on a single line to select it for copy/paste into the installer is easier than selecting a single line and having to "Shift+down-arrow" select the rest of the value. The question is why on earth is there a CR/LF (line-break) in the maintenance key in the first place? from my observations, that line break in unnecessary and does not matter to the installer if it is there or not. This has been the bane of my copy/paste scheme for years.

Speaking of SERIAL.TXT files, I have a suggestion, enable the option to read from a so-called "answer file" like "REGINFO.TXT" in the same directory as the setup thus pre-filling the serial number and maintenance ID fields, if run with the /s option from command line, it's set and doesn't need any user interaction and ready to go; if run interactively the values are filled in and can just be looked over or changed if needed but most circumstances the end-user can choose "next". hopefully this makes some degree of snese. if you annot enable this for the official setupbuilder installer, can it be done from my installers?