The help file says:
If the function succeeds, the %_SB_ERRORCODE% return value is nonzero.

If the function fails, the return value is zero.

But I find that it returns zero and the folder was not renamed.
So I tested the opposite... and the errorcode = 603 and the folder is not renamed.

Also, it is not due to a process using it... I tested renaming it by hand in Windows explorer and killed all processes in Resource Monitor that were preventing it from being renamed until I could rename it manually from explorer.


I have long time installed user files in Documents under company name then app name but I have renamed my app.
If the folder with the OLD name exists, I want to rename it to the new name and have my software stop using the old folder tree entirely.
But to do that I have to have this rename work.... if the rename fails, I can install to new folder tree but user data will be in old tree...
I guess at end of installer I can try to detect that and copy over the files?

Anyone try to depend on renaming a folder and have a lot of problems with users because of that???