I can't found the update 3 visual studio 2015 redistributable so I've created a new custom configuration to handle this redistributable.


All seem good except for certain customer, this installer seem to hang and lock the setup process... Is there any official support for this redistributable?

I really can't understand if the problem is from the script, from setupbuilder or from the vc installer.
If can help I've noticed that sometimes a similar problem append also when I try to install the hw key driver (HASPUserSetup.exe code below)

[ Execute Programs ]
Wait Dialog: Display "Protection key driver installation..."
! Driver SmartKey
Run Program %_SB_INSTALLDIR%\SmartKey\sdiline.exe /ipar /iusb /igss  (Always Install) [Wait] [Hide]
! Driver Sentinel
Run Program %_SB_INSTALLDIR%\Sentinel\HASPUserSetup.exe /S /v/qn  (Always Install) [Wait]
Wait Dialog: Close