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Thread: Desktop Shortcut Icon has old icon

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    Default Desktop Shortcut Icon has old icon

    My installer deletes the old desktop shortcut icon.

    I then create a new desktop shortcut with icon set to the default icon of the new installed app.
    The new app has a different icon.

    After looking at several customers desktops remotely for support, I noticed many of their desktop icons
    show the old icon not the new one.

    Does that only get cleared up on restart?
    The new shortcut points to a new EXE name and not even the same as the old exe file name.

    Baffled why new icon doesn't show 100% of the time...

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    Default Re: Desktop Shortcut Icon has old icon


    if you are 100% sure that the new Shortcut points to the new icon (and your issue is not caused by a "per-user" Shortcut problem) then the old icon is still in the Windows cache. You can try the "Refresh Desktop" script function from within your installer.

    Interesting threads:


    Hope this helps.


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