Hi Friedrich:

I'll continue to "rep" the SetupBuilder tools until the day I drop dead. There's a joke internally that I should be buried in a coffin with a giant SetupBuilder flag draped over it because of how I represent the brand. No means to sound morbid or anything, but that's how my colleagues perceive me as a "SetupBuilder Brand Champion". You might be asking "What on earth is a SetupBuilder Brand Champion?" Well It's someone like me who's a die-hard fan of the software who goes out of my way on a daily basis to represent SetupBuilder and let all my friends and family know about it. If I had it my way, we'd have "national SetupBuilder Day" I know we have it every year around the office on April 1st. but to make it it's own nationally observed holiday if you know what I mean... Let's just say I've been tempted to make a few "Spoof" YouTube videos about how the other installers can't match SetupBuilder... Yeah, I'm a fan alright.