Hello Kurt,

1. If your installer is using the default requireAdministrator execution level, please do not mark the "Run elevated from non-elevated SetupBuilder application" option. You only need this if your setup.exe is running non-elevated.

2. You are using the ShellExecuteEx Windows API to run powershell.exe. So please use fully qualified path names here! Otherwise, ShellExecute can't do what you want. In the "Target Folder" entry field, please enter the path to the powershell.exe!

For example, %SYS32DIR%\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0

There is a fundamental difference between calling an application from a Windows API and from a command line interpreter. So you might also have to modify your Command Line field. Not sure if the Windows ShellExecute API can handle your ".\InstallFiles\NETWMF yada yada" argument. Perhaps you also need fully qualified pathnames here.

Hope this helps a bit.