Maybe this feature is implemented and I just don't know the switch, so here is my situation:

In my project, I'm using a wildcard for a filename that's being added to the SB_INSTALLDIR. When I compile on command line (actually build on a CI server), the project builds "successfully" but the installer .exe is missing the file (because it wasn't there). A message was left in the compiler.txt that hinted me towards a failed build, however, I expected the compile to fail completely. Here is the message in compiler.txt:

SB10Project.sbp(127): warning GEN1022: Wildcard queue empty: C:\[.......]\Firmware_version-*.bin
One nice thing in Jenkins is that you can force a error condition causing the output to not get copied to the production folders by adding console output text parsing rules. So, what I propose is that there is functionality added so that instead of writing compile output to a compiler.txt file, it is printed to the console (as well?), so that it is clear what went wrong without having to persist .txt files and look at them every time a build occurs. This would be a feature added that would add benefit to all automated build processes.


Now that I think about it, I wasn't checking the return value of the command line call. Would that be non-zero if I got that warning?