On April 9, 2002, I compiled the first working version of the "Next
Generation" SetupBuilder product line, Version 5. This was internal Version
5.0 Build #0001. More than three years later, on August 31, 2005, we
released the Gold version.

The "SETUPBUILDER" trademark registered with the United States Patent and
Trademark Office in May 2005, application filing date was March 2004.

But it all started on April 21, 2000 with "LSP SFX-Builder". Holy moly --
that's more than 17 years ago! LSP SFX-Builder was an utility that provided
an easy and royalty-free way to create native Windows single-file
self-extracting archives (SFX) and SFX-distribution systems. The compiler
in the latest SetupBuilder 10 is still based on it and even InstallShield
tried to take-over our revolutionary high-performance technology.

We reflect our products' evolution in the build number which states the
number of days since the first working (internal) 5.0 version. Today I have
compiled SetupBuilder 10.0 Build #5600. In other words: 5,600 (five
thousand, six hundred) days! Time flies <g>

This would not have been possible without Clarion and the Clarion &
SetupBuilder Community! Thank you all.

We've got a lot of new super cool SetupBuilder features coming soon, stay


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