We need to automatically assign the output executable to include a version within the filename.
For example: compile the .sbp and generate Setup001.exe. Then when we have a new version run the compiler again and generate Setup002.exe.

I added the ability to call a dll which generates a new filename with the version embeded in it where my local variable %NEWBUILDNAME% contains the characters 'Setup003.exe'

Then, use that variable to assign it to [EXENAME] so the compiler generates a dynamically named setup file.
If my outputdir was C:\Temp\ and [EXENAME] was set to %NEWBUILDNAME%, the filename ends up being:
C:\Temp\%NEWBUILDNAME instead of using the value within the variable.

I have even tried #copy and #rename set with Process After Script Compilation and it is the same result.

Thanks in advance.