I think you are using Web Update and you call the "wucheck.exe" or "wupdate.exe" client(s) at application startup.

The LoadLibrary Windows API failed when it tried to load the required HTTP component and the return value was NULL. The protection software on their system "locked" or removed the 0002.lib component (located in a temporary Windows folder for that SB application during runtime). This is a bug in their protection system (a.k.a. false-positive). Try to use a newer SB component to minimize false-positives. Modern protection systems check the SHA-2 code-signature of an application. SB10 applications support "dual" SHA-1 and SHA-2 code-signatures, SB8 applications do not. This is a potential candidate for false-positive actions.

As a temporary workaround, ask them to "whitelist" your application .exe and the wucheck.exe and wupdate.exe clients (they have to add the files to the exclusion list).

Hope this helps.