>Hi Wolfgang,
>Yes, this can be done. For example, we have such an option in SetupBuilder
>10. General Information -> Advanced Settings -> "Verify Code-Signed Install
>at Startup".

Yes, I noticed that on installers at the very end.

>Internally, it is using our "Get File Info..." (Verify Trust) script

# So we have added a new "Get Trust [Code-signature]" function that lets you
# optionally perform the Authenticode verification AND retrieve code-signing
# certificate specific information to ensure the update install image was
# signed by your private key
(from your 3rd link)

The question is, can we do that with our own EXE each time at startup?

IF SecurityCheck() = failed....

That way we can assure customers not only, that the initial install was clean,
but also during the programs lifetime we can at least argue, that no virus has
harmed or, if so, the EXE would alert.

Some people might like the idea, I guess.

Have a nice weekend

Wolfgang Orth

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