> Building is no problem. Many customers do not need or want to purchase
> the entire US data. They just want a subset (eg state(s), county, fleet
> size, etc).

That makes sense.

I know some other Clarion folks that distribute various parts of large
datasets in a similar manner.

> I can build this subset in a few minutes. So can my partner in florida.
> But he can not do the final step of compiling and uploading for
> distribution.

I see.

> So I think the best option is purchasing a 2nd copy or purchasing an
> additional user to setupbuilder. Will contact Friedrich to see the best
> route.

I'm sure he will take good care of you on it.

> The main question is how to do the code signing. I am assuming would
> still be the same since the same script will be used.

Yes, assuming the certificate was issued to a company then you both would
use copies of the files and let SetupBuilder do the heaving lifting for you
from either location.



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