I'm currently working on a project which utilises .tps files (Somthing
I've not done for ages), and I thought it would be nice to ship a
couple of files with some example data already in them.

I'm putting my .tps files in C:\ProgramData\myco\myprog\

When I run the program on my development machine my folders are created
by my clarion app the first time it runs, and everything works fine.

When I install my app on a test workstation using SB, my folders are
created, and my files are placed in the correct folder, but my
application gives me an error saying that I can't open the files.
Checking the permissions of the myprog folder, I have read,write,

If I compare that to my machine, I have full access to the myprog
folder. If I change the permissions on the folder that SB created to be
full, my application works fine.

Is there a way that I can script SB to give full access to the myprog
folder for local users?

I've looked throught the docs, and can't see anything.