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I have made a Setup with SB with the excellent help of Friedrich.
This Setup installs the SV AppBroker as a service, not under SYSTEM, but
with a user account and user password (I need this because of printing

Today I had a problem at a client's Windows 10 pc.
My client is logged on with a full admin account on his local Win10 pc.
The setup installer did create the service "Clarion Application Broker"
ok, so Create Service worked.
But the Start Service after that, didn't work, it returned error 1. At
first I thought that my client had entered a wrong password during the
setup process. We tried everything and made a new admin account +
password on his Win10 pc. But even with this new admin account, only the
Create Service worked ok, but the Start Service failed over and over.
So we ended up by starting the Services window manually: the user
account name and password were filled in already (by the SB installer).
After that, we manually typed over the password field (with of course
the same password we entered during the install), we pressed "Apply" and
after that we got a message (translated from Dutch into English),
something like:
"The rights to this service have been applied".
After that, we started our setup again, and this time, also the Start
Service was working ok.

This has cost me some hours!

I read here some info:

So how can we *automate* this under Windows 10 with SetupBuilder? My
customer blamed me about the difficult installation.

I hope that Friedrich has some tricks? I need to start the service

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Op 26-10-2017 om 23:22 schreef Jeff Slarve:
> I sure would love to be able to do that.
> Are there examples or code available for purchase?
> Not sure my sleeves roll up that high.<g>
> Thanks
> Jeff Slarve
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> you know what happens when you assuage