Hi Jeffrey -

That is one of the ways outlined by Self Service's docs, in the
"Ground Rules" section. As is the opening of Group Policy Editor.


I know those two ways, but I want to do this programmatically.

For now, I'll just open up gpedit.msc and let the admin do their
thing. But it's a chore I'd like to be able to help them with a bit

Thank you.

On 6 Nov 2017 06:58:51 -0500, Jeffrey Kuijt

>So we ended up by starting the Services window manually: the user
>account name and password were filled in already (by the SB installer).
>After that, we manually typed over the password field (with of course
>the same password we entered during the install), we pressed "Apply" and
>after that we got a message (translated from Dutch into English),
>something like:
>"The rights to this service have been applied".
>After that, we started our setup again, and this time, also the Start
>Service was working ok.
>This has cost me some hours!

Jeff Slarve

you know what happens when you assuage