Hi Chris,

> thanks friedrich. i have the clarion version
> can the clarion version "install" mssql if its not loaded on the pc?

Oops, sorry. I thought you are using the Developer Edition flagship. The
freeware "SetupBuilder Clarion Edition" can create and compile standard
installations, but if you need more flexibility and fine tuning
capabilities, then you need access to the script editor with more than 500
functions. There is a highly discounted upgrade path to Developer Edition
available for Clarion 10 EE developers.

Developer Edition supports a Script Editor, a Dialog Editor, can handle
32-bit, 64-bit, .NET and Hybrid (32-/64-bit) application installations, web
install and web update capability, access to discounted Comodo certificates
($200 instead of $500 for a 3yr certificate), Core PreRedistributables,
Clarion 3rd-party support, and much more.