>> "Decompression error [#-200000005] means: "The decompression engine was
>> unable to create the file in the specified folder. The Windows
>> GetLastError
>> function returns ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED(0x05) = Access is denied."
> Would it be possible to include that verbiage with/in the "decompression
> error" to make it easier to see what the problem is (and less support for
> you

Unfortunately, it's not easy to do. The error code might change. It's not
always the "5" (access is denied) in [#-200000005]. I need some more
information to tell what is going wrong. In this case (based on the
additional information Edvard provided) it was clear to me that it was
caused by a false-positive bug. And as I understand it, both the web update
and full install image failed. So this is a new dimension in the whole
false-positive saga <g>. They do not have their protection systems under
control anymore. That's for sure.