Okay, .....

First I copied the .p12 to my test-directory.

Renamed .p12 to .pfx.

Added .pfx to my SB-script and compiled - ERROR! Not found...

See 2017-12-21_screenshot_1.PNG

However, the EXE DID get code-signed!

Then I copied the .p12 next to teh .pfx, now SB gave no error!

See ... hmm I can't attach es second screenshot, because my QUOTA has exceeded.... - what?

Oh my, I can't send this message with the fist image also. Man I am miffed!

I will put the screenshot onto the server


But, as you can see, the EXE is not only code-signed, its still SHA-1 again!!!!
And I have really really taken care to select SHA-256 during the order

Have I made a mistake again? Can I fix it?

One more oddity: I have not seen Janes and your reply until now. Thats why I
respond so late.

And one more: SB 10.0.5710 has the ALT-Key bug. Sorry, mate!

Wolfgang Orth

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