Hi Wolfgang,

>>You can even let the SetupBuilder IDE download the SignTool.exe for you.
> But I don't have to, do I?

No, you can also use your own SignTool from a SDK download.

> After reading this over and over again, I think I got it!
> 1) I have to modify in der Mainmenu under TOOLS => Option => Digital
> Certificate
> I add my renamed certificate (still need both .p12 and .pfx next to each
> other, why ever)
> AND, important!, choose SHA-2 or whatever!!
> 2) In the Project Definitions itself I set Digityl Singature to YES and
> add my
> URL and a name.
> 3) In the Script Logic => Script Editor then I add a line "#code-sign
> application ...." from that dialogue.
> Now it compiles and teh output is SHA-256!!!!!!!


> Mann, war das ein scheiß Stress!
> Christmas can come now!
> Best wishes to the crew over here, especially Jane and Friedrich, but all
> others too!