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Thread: Smartscreen tackles my signed EXE

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    Default Smartscreen tackles my signed EXE

    Hello Friedrich and all others!

    Now that I have my certificate I am able to successfully code-sign my programs.

    However, Windows 10 does not care much.....

    I copied the entire directory-structure via ZIP-file to another computer,
    unzipped somewehere on the D:\-drive.
    When I start those programs now I get a warning like in the attached image.
    (Note beside: The contents of "Herausgeber" (engl: issuer) is from the filed
    "Description" in the code-signing dialogue of SB10)

    The warning appears, no matter if the Manifest is included by SB or is a
    separate file, generated by the IDE.

    When I call those programs two times in a row, the third start is then without
    the warning. Windows seemed to be able to learn. <g>

    And, of course, strange enough, not all of my program trigger this warning.
    Which does not make it better.

    My suspicion is, that this has to do with the fact that the programs do not sit
    in C:\Program Files\. My experience is, that the admins at the customer sites
    don't want the program installed in there, they prefer other directories.
    Either in the root of another drive or somewhere in C:\Users\All

    First: such a warning by the OS dies not look good!
    Second: One program is meant to run as a service. Imagine how it looks, that
    nothing works, but all that just because there is an invisible warning sitting
    and waiting for a response.

    Attachment: (well, link, because attachements still do not work here)

    Is there any chance to mend this?

    Wolfgang Orth

    Please note:
    From time to time it happens, that I overlook a reply to my postings.
    Please don't be angry.
    In case of an emergency, try to contact me via mail.

    Bitte beachten:
    Von Zeit zu Zeit passiert es mir, dass ich Antworten auf meine Postings übersehe.
    Bitte nicht böse sein.
    Im Notfall bitte Kontakt per Mail versuchen.

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