Hi Lee,

> Even if you change icons in the shortcut to some other icon and then
> change it back to the first icon the OLD image will be displayed! MS
> helping us when help is not wanted nor needed - THANK YOU!<g>

This is an absolute PITA!

But I did find a way that seems to solve this for me on 64bit machines.


Setting this registry key and rebooting DOES refresh the icons, but it
introduces quite a bit of delay displaying the desktop as Windows goes
and caches the icons again. Turn it off or delete it and it seems to
revert back to previous stage.

Then there is the way of deleting the cache files
that that involves shutting down explorer, gaining admin access to the
files, deleting them and then restarting explorer. NOT for the faint of

Best regards,

Arnor Baldvinsson
Icetips Alta LLC