Hi Kevin,

unfortunately, that is no possible. The Microsoft Authenticode tool handles the code-signing process and it only returns SUCCEEDED or FAILED. It does not provide any specific error code.

Code-signing fails (and nothing in your SB configuration changed)...

... if the certificate expired
... if the timestamp servers are not accessible (servers down or blocked by a protection system)
... if the file to be code-signed is detected as malicious (e.g. false-positive) and the protection server blocks the signing process
... if "something" locks the file to be signed
... if a Windows update unregistered the Capicom components
... if "something" blocks the Microsoft Signtool application (in most cases caused by a buggy virus-definition update).

BTW, and up to 45 days before your certificate is due to expire, the SB compiler gives you a warning:


Introduced in SetupBuilder 7.7 Build 3648 (April 04, 2012):

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#202031] IDE: The compiler displays the code signing expiration date in the compiler window. If the expiration date is < 45 days, it gives a compiler warning. The warning is skipped in command line compilation mode.

This check can only be done if the certificate is still "valid".