I have a 4K monitor (3840 x 2160). They are pretty common and inexpensive these days. Numerous users have them.

When I run a SB-generated installer exe, it introduces overlapping text on the installer background and results in "microscopic" fonts in the SB dialogs. I dont see any options to change this. I can, with 5-6 clicks, change the app compatibility of the installer exe in windows to disable scaling (the "system" setting seems best) but expecting that of an end-user is a non-starter.

My questions are:

1) How do you get the SB installer to run in non-scaled high dpi compatibility mode so that overlays and the like do not occur?
2) Are there options to have the SB-generated installer use a reasonable sized dialog font on these monitors? (8 point on a 4k monitor is very small).

Unless Im missing a setting dialog somewhere, it seems that the solution to this is to use the visual dialog editor to create a set of custom dialog windows with larger fonts. That doesnt address the compatibility settings that cause (or fix) text overlaying on the billboard, but its a start.

Friedrich - is there functionality Im not seeing related to these high DPI monitors and the attributes of the SB-generated installer exe?