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Thread: How to do an automatic MsSql Express installer

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    Default How to do an automatic MsSql Express installer

    I have a Solution that runs over MsSql, I have a SB installer thet works
    ok but the user needs to have a MsSql Express database installed.
    I dont want to add the MsSql 2008 core inside my installer because it is
    so big and this installer is used to upgrade the solution too.
    Im thinking of doing a second installer just to install MsSql Express
    2008 and restore de example database, and have the possibility of call
    this second installer from the main if the database are not instlled.
    How is the best way of do this?
    Any example of SB installing MsSql and restoring a database?

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    Default Re: How to do an automatic MsSql Express installer

    We have the same situation, our product uses SQL as a backend.
    I setup with the following:
    1) create an installer with the right setup types/features, etc.
    2) create another installer to install MSSQL
    3) include the MSSQL (from microsoft) installer along with your software package.
    4) in your installer for MSSQL, use a Run Program command in the [ Execute Programs ] section.

    I have a series of dialog screens which collect DB name, SA password (with verification), and other info to set my Runtime Variables and if all is ok, set my %OKTOINSTALL% runtime variable. Then inside [ Execute Programs ] section, if %OKTOINSTALL% is good, use the runtime variables as command line parameters when running the program SQL2012Express_x86_EN.exe

    Everyone has different ways of managing this, but this was my choice.


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    Default Re: How to do an automatic MsSql Express installer


    what exactly do you have to do and how would you do it "without" SetupBuilder? Run sql scripts, etc.? We can then help you to translate this method to SetupBuilder functions.


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