> IMO, it's not caused by the previously mentioned (and fixed) uninstall bug.
> This was only a bug in "standard" uninstaller projects - caused by the new
> "Disable CR/LF Handling" flag in the "Display Message Box" function. I
> forgot to add this new flag to the standard uninstall script. As a result,
> the uninstaller did not work at all. In a custom uninstaller, the compiler
> added it automatically.
> So there must be another cause for it. IMO, the compiler does not resolve
> one of your compiler variables which holds the name of your product.

Hi Friedrich,

I sent you an e-mail with screen shots and steps to reproduct what I'd
consider a small bug in the custom dialog formatter. I think it may have
corrupted the script during a save.

Then when you had me put a message into the custom install script to test a
value there, as the script was re-saved it was corrected.

At any rate the script is working again now as it has for years, so at
least we are back in business again!



Charles Edmonds

cjeByteMeSpammers@lansrad.com (remove the "ByteMeSpammers" to email me)

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