Hello Friedrich and all others!

In my SB-script (10.0.5710) I let the EXEs get their permanent Win10-Manifest,
in the next
line I let them get code-signed. Works okay - until now!

One EXE returns http://downloads.odata.de/Setupbuilder/Mad_Manifest.PNG (german
language screenshot, as I can't attach images here).


Fehler beim Generieren des Aktivierungskontextes für
kik5\KiKAPI_AiDklinik_2018_08_20\KiKAPIServer\KiKA PIServer.exe".

Fehler in Manifest- oder Richtliniendatei
kik5\KiKAPI_AiDklinik_2018_08_20\KiKAPIServer\KiKA PIServer.exe"

in Zeile 1.

Ungültige XML-Syntax.

So I commented this specific line with the manifest, re-run the script. Now I
have a code-signed EXE with no internal manifest, using the Clarion-generated
Manifest-file. Works okay.

This happens with only one of all the dozends EXE I have manifested /
code-signed until now!

Strange, isn't it?

Wolfgang Orth

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