Hello Friedrich and all others,

my program suite consists of four folders: 3 x programs each and 1 x data.

One of the programs is a webserver, running as a Windows Service.

I ran the UNINSTALL.exe, generated by SetupBuilder, while the service was
active. As a result I got the message, that one of my data-files is opened, in
use and can't be removed. Messagetext in english, buttontext in german, asking
to retry or continue.

When I continue, shortly after I get the final message "program remove
completed" (or something like than in other words)

However, as expected, the webserver.exe and its DLLs plus the recently opened
data-tables remain on my disk.

Is there any way to prevent the uninstaller, if _ANY_ file is in use, even more
an EXE and even more more when a Windows Service is instralled and running?

Wolfgang Orth

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