Hello Friedrich,

when we started 25 years ago my first installs were sent out on 1 Diskette, my
recent installer has grown to 130 MB.

Setupbuilder can do Delta patches. I understand this like I tell SB "Look here,
this is the original install. Now look there, thats the new one." Then SB does
some magic math and creates an installer, then, when run on a target machine,
changes / adds / replaces files This Delta-installer has just some few bits and
bytes, just enough to turn the old to new.


And does it work on TPS also? Because our DB is the one which has grown over
the years. But most tables with product data have only little changes, maybe in
100 out of 1,000 records.

Would those Delta-patching work here too, in the meaning of reducing the data
size in tge update installer?

And is it secure?

Wolfgang Orth

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