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Thread: Code Sign success but not

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    Default Code Sign success but not

    I just updated a certificate and changed the names in SB Tools-Option-Code Signing and General Information-Digital Signatures.
    When compiling, there are no errors.
    But, when installing, the Publisher in the User Account Control window still says Unknown.
    Any ideas?

    ------ Developer Edition 2017 Version 10.0.5452
    ------ SetupBuilder (SB/EXE) Compiler Version 10.0.5452

    ... everything normal ...

    Finalizing application...
    Adding Digital Certificate...
    Resolve CSI...
    SIGNTOOL: C:\SetupBuilder\MyFolder\MySetup.exe
    SVER: 6.1.7600.16385
    SHA2: 0
    Code signed successfully
    Terminating CSigning Process...[0]
    --------------------------------------- Done ---------------------------------------

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    Default Re: Code Sign success but not


    yes, absolutely. Because it's a new certificate, you have to "earn trust" and build reputation first

    Similar to this:


    Does this help?


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