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sorry for my late reply. Missed this thread.

From the technical point-of-view, it's possible and no problem. But do you have all the registry key and value names? First step is always "how to do it without SetupBuilder". Then we can help to convert this to SetupBuilder.

Yes, I do know which Kees have to be gotten rid of to reset the trial period:
On XP and previous: HKLM/Software/Chariot Software Group/App-specific kry(s)
On vista and above: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/VirtualStore/Machine/Software/Chariot Software Croup/ app-specific key(s)

If they exist, the trial counts down, if they donít exist the trial resets to 30 days and effectively de-registers the product(s). I would love to build a key generator for these apps but that might take awhile as my budget just got a squeeze put on it. Long story, so for now Iíll have to build a trial reset until I can pay to outsource the building of a key generator