I have my installer code signed. I just looked at a new Windows 10 computer of a client. We downloaded the .EXE installer from the internet. If you want to try it the files are located here:

Windows did not flag the install with SmartScreen or anything else. It just asked if we wanted to run it. Installer seemed to go fine. We run my software which requires you to enter some personal info up front that is used in registration. The info does not get stored. The software is being blocked from writing to the hard drive and the registry. Since it is blocked it crashes.

How to fix?
We go back and run the INSTALLER again using Run As Administrator. Go through installer again.
Once finished the software app runs fine and is not blocked from writing the registry or hard drive.

This is a big customer support problem. Am I doing something wrong to make Windows flag the app? Where do I look to see whether Windows flagged it? Is there any way to avoid this issue? Because otherwise customer gets bad impression thinking app stinks and just crashes.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.