I recent started an email campaign to notify contacts of the availability of a new software product of mine. Hundreds of emails were sent out and I've received dozens of responses in the way of attempts to download the software product. This product's installation is created using the latest version of Setup Builder using Web Deploy.

When the installation is compiled, all goes well. The code is signed and the files are uploaded to our local server.

I can download and install the stub/deployment just fine. (But then again, I am only 10 feet away from the server, so packets have a short distance to travel).

The problem is that the majority of email recipients who successfully download the EXE stub and then launch it encounter "Source file not found" error messages at various stages of the install. There are 307 .bin files associated with the deployment stub. But rarely does anyone successfully get all 307 files without getting the dreaded "Source file not found" message. Some users get the error with _00002.bin. Others with _00005.bin. Others at _00053.bin. Etc. The only common thing between all the users is that they never get all the way through the installation.

This has turned out to be a disaster. According to the LOG file, 8 out of 8 different users failed to complete the web deployment.

The hosting server is a Windows 2016 server running IIS.

I feel that I will need to give up on using the web deployment method since this is killing the resources we put into the email campaign.