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Thread: How to include 3rd party installations

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    Default How to include 3rd party installations

    Is it possible to include 3rd party installation programs packaged up in my installation? I have 2 of them I and would like my install to run them one after the other waiting for each to finish before proceeding. Even better would be to run them only if the user has placed (or removed) a checkmark on the dialog saying to install them. I see the 'Run Program' option but that appears to be for selecting a pre-existing application on the destination computer?

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    Default Re: How to include 3rd party installations


    sorry, missed this thread

    Yes, absolutely no problem. That's exactly what we are doing with CorePrerequisites. For example, the VC++ 2015-2019 redistributables.

    I can develop a demo project for you if you want.


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