FYI: this is for Java code only, if signed with the Comodo/Sectigo time
stamping service at! SetupBuilder installers and other
Windows apps are unaffected.


Dear Code Signing customer,

This service announcement is to inform you of an upcoming certificate
expiration for the Comodo and Sectigo code signing time stamping service on
July 9, 2019. After this date some signed code may experience performance
issues or warnings unless they are re-signed between now and that date.

Which code is affected

Java code signed with the Comodo/Sectigo time stamping service at may be affected if it is signed with the time stamping
certificate that expires on July 9, 2019. Depending on the behavior of their
runtime environment, it is possible for these applications to begin
experiencing performance issues beginning on the LATER of two dates: July 9,
2019 and the day the code signing certificate used to sign the code expires.

Signed code running on all operating systems other than Java, including
Windows, is unaffected. Note also that ALL code signed after March 4, 2019
by Sectigo or Comodo code signing certificates is unaffected, regardless of
the code signing certificate's issuance date.

For detailed instructions in determining the expiration dates of your Java
code's time stamping and code signing certificates, please see the Sectigo
KnowledgeBase article on this certificate expiration here.

Recommended response

To ensure continued correct performance, developers should re-sign and
deploy all affected Java code prior to July 9, 2019. You can use the
previously employed code signing certificate for the new signing event or a
subsequently obtained code signing certificate (including renewal or
replacement certificates). There is no need to replace your code signing
certificate prior to re-signing Java code.


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