I have been using the web update (wupdate & wucheck) successfully for several years. My regular site has been crashing pretty hard so I set up an alternative site with GoDaddy with an IIS server. I have no problems downloading the full installation package from the site using the browser but when I use the wucheck to find a program change I get the infamous "Cannot download server manifest file. Net error 5060" message.

I had to modify the folder structure on the setupbuilder projects and I am not sure if what I use to download through the browser is the same syntax I should use in the project.

Is there a way I can trace or debug what wucheck wants or is seeing when it checks for the update?

I have the ftp folder under httpdocs/ftp/tkw for example. The web update is under the tkw folder ie. httpdocs/ftp/tkw/web8 .... tried to keep this brief but will provide more info that may help you.