I don't know if this pertains to most customers, but it would have
been useful to have this information about individual orders on the
order page.

The non-EV certificates can be purchased as an individual (e.g., not a
company). This requires a different validation method, which entails
having a notarized "face to face verification"

If you want an EV certificate, the individual option is not possible.

I'm having a frustrating time, trying to get my Dun and Bradstreet
record to become available "globally". It's been weeks now. So now I'm
going to try a personal order.

Comodo uses https://www.upik.de/en/ to look up the record. I have been
checking it every day, and their captcha is frustrating as heck (find
the cars, find the store front, find the traffic lights). If your
record isn't there, you are SOL. It doesn't matter if you can
successfully look it up on dnb.com.

Jeff Slarve

Ones and Zeros are my Heroes