I've got a SB 10.0.6275 script that has been around for several SB
versions. Today I tried to make a copy of it and change the product
name. It changes everywhere properly in the ide (General Information, or
when editing the [PROGRAMNAME] in the Custom Variables Section), except
it still shows the old name in the Compiler Variables section after
exiting the edit mode, plus when compiling the script it uses the old
name value. The Compiler Variables section shows the [PRODUCTNAME] as

I created a new test script, and see that for it the Compiler Variables
section shows [PRODUCTNAME] as Type=Userdefined. For this new script you
change the value and it shows the new value in the ide, plus it compiles
properly with the new value.

So short of creating my own [MY_PRODUCTNAME] custom variable and using
it instead of the built-in [PRODUCTNAME], is there a way for me to fix
this in my project?

I tried Script Structure Validation but it made no difference.


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