hi everyone:

If you're wondering where on earth my coverage of SetupBuilder and latest features has gone, the answer is simple; I've fallen on hard times both financially and technologically. The short version of the story is as follows:

1) My Hard drive that has all my installer images for all my apps has died unexpectedly and needs to be repaired (which costs major $$$). 2) My computer that I use to record the videos has finally bitten the dust and given up the ghost (R.I.P WINX-BUX1). and 3) other personal and life issues have prevented my from really getting a grasp on the latest SB features due to those issues taking away from my free time to really dive deep into the SB.

As soon as i can get a shot to get my life back on track, I'll be back in the studio recording more SB training content.

Please keep me in your thoughts