First THANKS! for adding SSL support that seems to work perfectly. and now I have to release 2019 version.

I have a large setup file (1.7 GB) that refuses to be code-signed.
It's demo version (175 MB) works fine.
AND I can code-sign the setup using signtool - so that means that the AV isn't getting in the way and the timestamp server is working.
Here's my signtool line -
signtool sign /f "D:\Users\Pop\Documents\Security\Codesign_2021.pfx " /p xxxxxxxxxxx /t /d "Hand crafted software for business and research" /du "" "D:\Users\Public\SetupBuilder Projects\pcgarwV9_2019\su_pcg_si_Full_4.1.15.190.e xe"

When I get the exe down below 300MB, it SB codesign works.

I just noticed - There is a note on the MS site Signtool page that says if the exe is over 300MB a Catalog should be used instead of signtool.

Chris C