Jeffrey Kuijt,

> I'm using the "User Account" function to create a new local user, for
> example "JohnDoe" with a password.
> After that I can use this new user/pw to run my service, which is
> working ok.
> BUT this new user doesn't show up at my Windows 10 Logon screen. Also,
> this new user isn't visible under Windows Users and Accounts.

Did you make it an Administrator account? Just wondering since I just
tested that and it is listed on the login window and in the user

> So how can I logon now under Windows 10 with this new user and
> password?! Because I need to set a default printer etc. for this new user.

The problem here is probably because no desktop has been created yet.
That is a time consuming process that would/could slow your install

Lee White

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